Welcome to your Boyne Adventure Race Training Program
The aim of this plan is to increase your aerobic base to complete or compete in the race depending on your goals.   This program has been designed for both the first time adventure racer and also the seasoned veteran! 
We have done this using varied times and intensities for different athletes.

If you are only starting your journey into adventure racing, start at a lower intensity and shorter times, get used to running and biking for the duration’s outlined and as you get more comfortable you can increase your intensities and times if you wish. 
If you are a seasoned veteran and looking to cut some time off a previous race aim for the longer durations and higher intensities on the plan. BUT work with the plan, take into account the times per session, intensities,  the recovery week and the final taper week.
Allow the body to recover, get stronger, faster and improve performance over all. 

This plan is an excellent starting point for any athlete looking to put structure into their training regime and get in shape for the race. 

If you are looking for that extra edge our, advanced training plans include detailed speed and endurance sessions for both bike sessions and run sessions.  Advanced training methods using heart rate or power zones for both biking and running. 
Detailed training and pre race nutrition strategies and also on fueling during the race to avoid bonking! 
Additional tips on transitioning , pacing and how to avoid falling into traps of losing time around the course! 
Additional training sessions focused on your weaker discipline if you want to add to your race plan. 
These plans are available for anyone looking to compete or compete in a race and we have plans that are designed specifically for all racers. 

If you would like more info on advanced training plans contact

FREE Race Training Plans are sent directly on registration.